Exploring the history of Cannaregio district: the Bell Tower of Santa Fosca
Exploring the history of Cannaregio district: the Bell Tower of Santa Fosca
Venice, the city of canals, is home to many architectural treasures, thanks to its rich historical heritage. Among them, we find the beautiful bell tower of the church of Santa Fosca, located in the picturesque Cannaregio district.

In the vicinity of this architectural gem is our Hotel Tintoretto, proud to share its neighborhood with such a distinguished building, enjoying beautiful views of the campanile every day.

The church of Santa Fosca

The church of Santa Fosca has undergone numerous modifications over time, serving as a significant testament to Venice's historical past. Built by Domenico Rossi, this structure is an emblem of the identity and tradition of the neighborhood.

The symbolic connection between the church and the locals is palpable. Santa Fosca is not just a religious building; it is part of the culture of Cannaregio. Its walls guard stories of past generations and offer an example of Venice's history. For the residents, this church is not just a place of worship, but a symbol rooted in their collective identity.

A must-visit: the Bell Tower of Santa Fosca

History and architecture enthusiasts will find a fascinating gift in Santa Fosca: its bell tower. To the left of the church facade stands the beautiful bell tower, with a square section, constructed in brick, featuring a dome and angular niches.

It is a characteristic Gothic construction from the second half of the 15th century. A visit to this tower entails a journey through time, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the cultural richness of the city and understand its evolution over the centuries.

Hotel Tintoretto: a unique corner near the Campanile di Santa Fosca

In the vicinity of the majestic bell tower is the Hotel Tintoretto, an oasis of calm, offering its guests a privileged location to explore this historical marvel. Our hotel becomes a silent witness to the grandeur of Santa Fosca, sharing the same space with a monument that enriches the cultural experience of our visitors.

"Our dream is to someday restructure the church of Santa Fosca, a symbolic monument for our Cannaregio neighborhood". This vision reflects our commitment to preserving Venice's cultural heritage, seeking to merge modern comfort with historical authenticity.

Make your stay a unique experience, where culture, religion, and art intertwine to create unforgettable memories. Book now and be part of the history of Venice. Your adventure awaits in the city of canals and eternity!