Get to know the "bacari" of Venice
Get to know the "bacari" of Venice
The magical city of Venice dazzles not only for its canals and majestic architecture, but also for its rich gastronomic tradition.Among its charms are the bacari, Venetian taverns full of flavor and atmosphere that will immerse you in their local authenticity.

The "bacari" of Venice: the Venetian taverns

The closest thing to going for tapas in Spain is to go on a "bacari" route in Venice. It is a must-do experience to enjoy your stay in Venice. The bacari are small Venetian taverns, deeply rooted in the tradition of the city, where diners usually enjoy small tapas, baptized as "cittacchis".

A very popular Venetian plan is to walk around the city and enjoy the cittacchi of different bacari. Of course, always accompanied by an "ombra", a glass of house wine, or an Aperol Sprtiz!

Varied and delicious cittacchis

Forget the big tourist restaurants with their exorbitant prices and discover the small and cozy taverns of Venice, the bacari. In them, you will enjoy the different cittacchi of each house at a very affordable price.

Each bacari offers its cicchetti, which is the equivalent of each spanish restaurant offering the tapa of its house. So it is highly recommended to go bacari by bacari tasting their dishes. A tasting with fresh and local products, prepared with traditional or modern recipes. But without a doubt, all of them are delicious!

The cittacchis, small culinary masterpieces, range from mini toasts and seafood skewers to more elaborate creations such as fried polenta crostini with sarde in saor. Every bacari has its specialty, and relying on the waiters' recommendation is often the key to discovering the best-kept gastronomic secrets.

Try the cittacchi at Ostaria Santa Fosca

Among the many bacari in the city of Venice, we recommend visiting the Ostaria Santa Fosca of our Hotel Tintoretto and taste its fantastic cittacchis. All our dishes are made with fresh products from the region. A tribute to the traditional Venetian cuisine in which, both its menu and its menu stand out with authentic and high quality dishes. And to accompany the experience, we offer an extensive selection of Italian wines including local choices from the Veneto region.

You just won’t enjoy the restaurant's Venetian culinary delights, but you will also get a taste of classic and traditional Venice through the ambiance and style of the restaurant.