Venice’s Carnaval history
Venice’s Carnaval history
If there is a Carnival known worldwide, besides the one in Brazil, it is the one in Venice. Italy is internationally renowned for its pasta, its archaeological remains of the Roman Empire and its Venice Carnival.

And not just any Carnival! If in Brazil, we conjure up an image of people dressed up in feathers, glitter and outrageously colorful costumes, the Carnival in the Italian city transports us to a bygone era full of masks and extravagant costumes.

Read on to discover Venice’s Carnival history, its traditions and the festivities that take place during the most fun-filled week of the year.

Venice’s Carnaval origin

The Venice’s Carnival dates back to the end of the 13th century and was born to offer the Italian people a few days to be who they wanted to be. An opportunity in which the nobles and lower classes could go out into the streets free and mingle in the crowd without revealing their identities.

However, the real reason behind this movement was that the government planned to infiltrate among the citizens and learn their opinion of the regime. However, it took on a more important meaning among the Venetians: a day when everyone was considered equal, regardless of sex, ethnicity, religion, or social class.

Venetians wore masks, reminiscent of harlequin masks, to hide their faces. Only their eyes were visible to the gaze of their neighbors.

Venice’s Carnival was a much-loved festivity by the citizens and a tradition they repeated annually until Napoleon arrived. For fear of suffering a conspiracy, the French politician and military banned the celebration. But in 1979 it resurfaced again with more strength and has been maintained until today, attracting thousands of tourists yearly.

The heyday of the Venice’s Carnival took place in the 18th century, when hundreds of aristocrats from all over the world would visit Venice to disguise themselves and go unnoticed for a few hours. Over the centuries, the Carnival served as an escape route for citizens seeking to evade Venetian government control.

Carnival Traditions in Venice

There are many events that you can't miss during the Venice Carnival. But if there is one celebration that stands out above the rest is the Volo dell'Angelo, which this 2024 will be held on February 4. A show in which a person disguised as an angel moves from the top of the Bell Tower of St. Mark's to the square that bears the same name.

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