The best Carnival events in Venice
The best Carnival events in Venice
One of the most popular Carnivals in the whole world returns this February, Venice’s Carnival! It is back with force and full of traditions, customs and events.

And is that, although it is recognized for its characteristic period costumes and harlequin masks, it is also famous for some events that take place in the Italian city during Carnival days. In this blog we tell you the best Carnival events in Venice for this 2024 so you don't miss any of them.

Festa sull'Acqua - 28 January

The Venice Carnival kicks off on the first weekend with an opening parade on January 28 christened "Festa sull'acqua". A musical spectacle full of colors and luminous effects that takes place on the Grand Canal.

If you are not yet attracted by the party, we have to say that the main characters of the party are the gondolas themselves that participate in the parade transformed into authentic water floats. All of them travel along the Grand Canal of Venice until they reach the Cannaregio district. And then, the Carnival continues in the Jewish quarter of Venice with a lunch featuring typical dishes of the region.

Festa delle Marie - January 29

A traditional parade that pays homage to an ancient Venetian tradition in which the Dux, the highest authority in Venice, offered 12 Venetian maidens, the "Marie", a dowry of various jewels and organized a wedding for them in style. Today, this tradition has become a parade in which the "Venetian Marias" compete in a beauty contest wearing elegant costumes.

Volo dell'Angelo - February 4

The "Volo dell'Angelo" is the must-see event of Venice’s Carnival. The figure of the angel glides from St. Mark's Bell Tower to St. Mark's Square. Usually, the angel is embodied by the previous year's winning Marie. We advise you to arrive early to find a place to watch the show!

Masquerade Ball - February 8th

The Masked Ball coincides with "Fat Thursday", the key day of Carnival in Valencia. An event characterized, perhaps, by the most symbolic element of the Venetian Carnival, the masks, with the spectacle of the bull. During this celebration, locals and tourists alike dress up in period costumes and masks and stroll and dance through the various parts of the city.

Taglio della Testa del Toro - 8 February

The "Taglio della Testa del Toro" is another very popular celebration in the Italian city, which has its origins in the annual obligation that the patriarch Ulrico di Aquileia had with the Duke Vitali Michel II to give him 12 loaves of bread, 12 pigs and a bull due to the victory of the latter. In gratitude, the Duke organized an annual feast that ended with the beheading of the bull and the pigs, an act that today is reflected in a fake beheading of a bull.

Accommodation in Venice during Carnival

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