New Year's Eve in Venice: the best plans to say goodbye to the year
New Year's Eve in Venice: the best plans to say goodbye to the year
The end of a year in Venice? Thera can’t be a more spectacular closing than the one in the italian city. New Year's Eve in this city is a truly magical moment that combines parties, delicious food, dinners with spectacular views, fireworks and even a dip for the adventurous ones. We tell you the best plans to say goodbye to the year on New Year's Eve in Venice.

Cenone di San Silvestre on New Year's Eve

Hours before the end of the year, it is used to celebrate a splendid last dinner, which the Italians have baptized with the name of Cenone di San Silvestre. Typical dishes of the region are usually tasted, accompanied by sweet wine and the traditional "Spumante".

You will find a wide range of hotels and restaurants in Venice that offer their special New Year's Eve menus, full of the typical flavors of the city. At the Ostaria Santa Fosca you will have the chance to try traditional Venetian cuisine and taste its local ingredients.

The most popular celebration in Venice

St. Mark's Square becomes the epicenter of the New Year's Eve celebration in Venice. This is where thousands of Venetians and tourists congregate to bid farewell to the year and welcome the new one. With a festive atmosphere and surrounded by the majesty of St. Mark's Basilica, St. Mark's Square is witness to Venice's collective New Year's Eve celebration. Surrounded by Christmas lighting and historic monuments, the square is transformed into a scene of farewell to the old year that boasts a fireworks display that is hard to beat. Colored firecrackers will be fired from boats and their lights will be reflected in the water of the canals. You can’t miss the amazing views!

Parties after midnight

Once the clock strikes the beginning of the new year, the party starts in St. Mark's Square, in Venice's nightclubs and in many hotels that organize private parties. Venice is not a city where there are many nightclubs, however, you can enjoy the fantastic nightlife atmosphere in its bars.

New Year's Eve Concert at La Fenice Theater

The La Fenice Theater, one of the most prestigious in Venice, organizes a special concert on New Year's Eve, usually in the mid-afternoon. This is a unique opportunity to enjoy a cultural experience before the big night celebration.

Special New Year's Eve traditions

In Venice, the city of canals, an original option to welcome the New Year is to take a gondola ride. Enjoying the beauty of Venice from its canals after a great dinner is a truly special way to inaugurate the year.

On Venice's Lido, the bravest ones take a dip to inaugurate or bid farewell to the year. Whether you venture into its waters or decide to stay on dry land and admire the scenery, it's a plan out of ten.

New Year's Eve is a special celebration anywhere, as long as you are surrounded by the people you love. Enjoying the last day of the year in Venice will be an unforgettable memory in your heart. We have already told you the best plans to say goodbye to the year in Venice, now you just have to decide the accommodation. At the Hotel Tintoretto you will enjoy a stay in the purest Venetian style thanks to the fusion of its elegant design with the tradition of authentic Italian hospitality. What are you waiting for to book a room?