Venice as a Family
Venice as a Family
The city is not only romantic: it's also an amazing place for the whole family, including the kids

Explore the most emblematic squares

A great way to start your family adventure in Venice is to get your kids involved in a treasure hunt in the main squares, such as the iconic Piazza San Marco. The little ones will love the St. Mark's Basilica and the Doge's Palace as they search for clues and hidden treasures in every corner of the square.

Get to know the surroundings on a boat

Consider boarding a vaporetto to discover Venice's Grand Canal in a unique and fun way.
A slow cruise along the canal allows you to see all the buildings that make up the city and stop at one of the stations of ACTV, the local transport company. We recommend hopping on one of the first vaporettos on line 1 in the direction of Piazzale Roma.

Discover the history of Venice

An ideal activity for the little ones is to look for and find the lion's mouths.
These lion's mouths date back to the time of the Serenissima and used to allow citizens to secretly report corruption or other crimes to the Venetian state.
Around the city, you'll find several lion's mouths on the façade of the Doge's Palace, the church of San Martino and Santa Maria della Visitazione. Challenge your children to find one of these lion's mouths and take a picture while holding their hands in the lion's mouth, they'll love it!

Venetian Handicrafts

Ca' Macana is a magnificent shop in the Dorsoduro district that keeps alive the traditional art of making papier-mâché masks. As well as producing numerous models, it also offers courses to learn how to paint your own very personal Venetian mask. Your children will enjoy taking part in this creative activity and taking home a souvenir of Venice.

Hang out with dinosaurs

Venice's Museum of Natural History is housed in a palazzo overlooking the Grand Canal and has botanical, zoological, palaeontological and ethnographic collections collected over the centuries by explorers such as the famous Marco Polo.

Children are sure to be fascinated by the butterfly collection and the life-size dinosaur fossils.

Can you escape the labyrinth of Villa Pisani?

This residence features typical elements of late baroque architecture. But the most exciting thing for your children will be the villa's famous labyrinth. Challenge them to find the right exit in this maze!

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